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Tuition is based on a 10 month period beginning in mid-September and ending in mid-June. Tuition for the entire Dance Year will be divided into ten tuition installments. Tuition is not set by the month or the number of weeks per month, but rather the entire year.

Tuition is due by the 30th of each month. All payments received after the 5th will be assessed a $15.00 late fee.

Academy students will pay the first and last installment in August with completion of registration agreement and the final installment in April.

Company students will pay the first installment in August with completion of registration agreement and final payment in May.

There are no refunds or discounts for missed classes. Students who become injured are responsible for fulfilling tuition payments during the duration of the injury to hold their spot in the class. A serious injury preventing a student from participating for more then a three month period will require a doctor's letter.

Canceled checks will be assessed a $35.00 fee

Tuition should be placed in the Tuition Payment Box outside the office. Upon registration you will receive a payment booklet in which tuition should be placed in the appropriate envelope.

We will not accept post marked checks.

All cash payments must be turned in to the office manager directly to receive a receipt of payment.

All checks should be made to Elite Dance by Damian for Tuition.

For Tuition Rates please call (724) 779-1880 or stop in to one of our Open House / Registrations to receive a complete tuition price list.

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