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The Elite Dance Curriculum

Elite Dance by Damian provides a variety of different dance techniques to facilitate a quality dance education in turn creating a well rounder dancer.  We emphasize the importance of a strong ballet foundation.  Our program is designed to develop student's technique, artistry, and performance ability.

Academy Program

The Academy Program is a non-competitive program that provides quality instruction with less commitment level.  Students attend once a week and perform in our end of year Recital showcase. 

Creative Movement (Ages 2 1/2 - 4)

Creative Movement is a 30 minute introduction to dance for beginner students.  Students will learn Pre-Ballet, Basic Tap, Acro/Tumbling, and Jazz.  In a fun and creative class structure the students learn to follow instruction, work with others, and begin to build a foundation of basic skills. 

Tiny Tots Combo (Ages 4 1/2 - 6)

Tiny Tots Combo is a continuation of Creative Movement in an hour class setting.  Pre-Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acro/Tumbling will be alternated from week to week to give students exposure to all dance forms.  Students will perform a ballet and tap routine in the end of year showcase.

Level 2 (Ages 6 - 8)

Classes will be separated into half hour sessions to provide further development of techniques.  Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acro/Tumbling will be offered.  Ballet is required in order for students to participate in Jazz.  Students will perform routines in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in the Recital.

Level 3 (Ages 9 - 11)

Students will continue to develop their technique through a more structured class setting in Level 3.  Ballet will be a full hour class in order to perform full barre exercises along with center work.  Jazz will also be a full hour to include stretch/conditioning, Leaps/Jumps/Turns, and combination/improvisation.  Tap Technique will be a half hour class which continues to progress skills and introducing both Broadway and Rhythm tap techniques.   Hip Hop will be offered for a half hour beginning at Level 3.  Students learn basic isolation and hip hop styles in this fun and energetic class.  Acro/Tumbling will also be a half hour class that continues to progress the flexibility, strength, and tumbling skills.  Students will perform routines in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop in the Recital.

Level 4 (Ages 12 and Up)

Level 4 is designed for students who have had prior dance training who want to continue to train at a lesser commitment level.  Jazz will be an hour class focusing on stretch/condoning and Leaps/Jumps/Turns.  Lyrical/Contemporary will be offered at this level for a half hour where students will learn various combinations and improvisation techniques.  Students should have a foundation in ballet and jazz in order to take lyrical/contemporary.  Hip Hop will also be a half hour class that continues to develop various hip hop styles.  Students will perform routines from all classes in the Recital.  Students will be evaluated on their ballet and tap ability to be placed in ballet and tap technique classes with the Company students.

Company Program

The Company Program is designed for students who want to train on a more serious and committed level.  Students will attend classes a minimum of two times per week with rehearsal/choreography on the weekend.  Company Dancers will participate in competitions, workshops, and conventions.  The Elite Competitive Company is nationally recognized.  They have won top awards at both the regional and national level.

Company students are required to take all classes provided.  Evaluations will be held each year to determine technical placement and group selection for competition.  Private Lessons will be offered for students choosing to perform solos.  Company Classes will be determined by a combination of age/ability.  Levels are subject to change from year to year at the discretion of the director.  Technical Classes will be instructed Monday-Thursday with Choreography/Rehearsals on the weekend.  Group Selections do not coincide with technique placement.  There are different cast lists for each group often combining different ages and abilities.  Students will have the opportunity to perform in Production, Lines, Large Groups, and some may be selected for small groups.

The focus of the Company is to gain performance opportunities while working in a "Team" setting.  A syllabus and family agreement contract will be required upon commitment to the Company.

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